Sentence Examples

  • It marks the relations which subsist between all members of the plant world, including those between existing groups and those which are known only from their fossilized remains preserved in the rocks.
  • - The relations which subsist between the various Syriac versions remain to be discussed.
  • The " ordinary " ecclesiastical tribunals of the later middle ages still subsist in England, at least as regards the laity.
  • Its chief importance is perhaps the stress which it laid on the vital connexion which must subsist between true economic theory and the wider facts of social and national development.
  • In the determination of the relations that should subsist between the new republic and the United States certain definite conditions known as the Platt Amendment were finally imposed by the United States, and accepted by Cuba (12th of June 1901) as a part of her constitution.

What's another word for subsist?

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