Sentence Examples

  • Dobereiner discovered the combination of SO 2 and 0 into SO 3 by means of spongy platinum.
  • Has light grey or brown close thick wool half an inch deep without any top hair, with a rather thick spongy pelt.
  • Intralamellar spongy growth becomes, the more do the original gillfilaments lose the character of blood-holding tubes, and tend to become dense elastic rods for the simple purpose of supporting the spongy growth.
  • Moreover, unless the conditions are closely watched, it is liable to be thrown down in a spongy form.
  • In order to make spongy or porous rubber, some material is incorporated which will give off gas or vapour at the vulcanizing temperature, - such as carbonate of ammonia, crystallized alum, and finely ground damp sawdust.