Sentence Examples

  • Shy people may feel uncomfortable with others, but they do not experience severe anxiety, they do not worry excessively about social situations beforehand, and they do not avoid events that make them feel self-conscious.
  • Confidence: While anyone should feel comfortable working out anywhere, people who are very overweight, or who have never exercised before, may feel self-conscious about exercising in a room full of other people.
  • Nudism can be differentiated from the practice of spontaneous or private nude bathing ("skinny-dipping") in that it is an ongoing, self-conscious and systematic philosophy or lifestyle choice, rather than a spontaneous decision to disrobe.
  • Anxiety is still the root cause of the mutism, and it is theorized that these language difficulties may make the child more self-conscious about his or her speaking skills and thus may increase the fear of being judged by others.
  • A woman may have the perfect body, but if she's a bit self-conscious by how much of it a string bikini can reveal, slouching and hiding under her beach cover up, she'll never be able to pull off wearing one in public.