Sentence Examples

  • This result created a great sensation, and proved that Transatlantic electric wave telegraphy was quite feasible and not inhibited by distance, or by the earth's curvature even over an arc of a great circle 3000 m.
  • Beyond that sphere its authority stops, and state authority, unless inhibited by the Federal Constitution, begins.
  • Heidenhain's view is that the cortical centres of the hemisphere are inhibited by peculiar conditions attaching to the initiatory sense stimuli.
  • The first and simplest law in psychological mechanics relates to the "sinking" of inhibited presentations.
  • These crystallites (q.v.) show that the glassy rock has a tendency to crystallize which is inhibited only by the very viscous state of the glass and the rapidity with which it was cooled.

What's another word for inhibited?

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