Sentence Examples

  • Since color palettes are, in general, much more sedate during fall and winter, it's important to add at least one bright piece to the mix to maintain a sense of balance and to avoid falling into the trap of wearing black all season long!
  • Fortunately, accessories solve that problem in a pinch, adding spice to bland ensembles, perking up sedate outfits and generally allowing a touch of your personality to shine through without overwhelming the entire look.
  • Another medication that has been reported to be successful in treating children with CVS is dexmedetomidine (Precedex), which was originally developed to sedate patients on respirators in intensive care settings.
  • Children who are not old enough follow directions or who cannot stay still may need to be restrained or given medication to sedate them in order to keep them still enough to obtain useful results.
  • If you're selling life insurance, placing ads on a popular webcomic Web site that appeals to college kids is probably not going to be as effective as a more sedate, establishment Web site.