Sentence Examples

  • After the issue of the edict of restitution by the emperor Ferdinand II.
  • Agamemnon sends an embassy by night, offering Achilles restitution and full amends - Achilles refuses.
  • The result was the treaty of April 1769, providing for the mutual restitution of all conquests, and for mutual aid and alliance in defensive war; it was followed by a commercial treaty in 1770 with the authorities of Bombay.
  • By insisting upon the restitution of the confiscated church-lands, assuming to regard England as a papal fief, requiring Elizabeth, whose legitimacy he aspersed, to submit her claims to him, he raised insuperable obstacles to the return of England to the Church of Rome.
  • There is also the greatest difference in the penalties assigned, reaching from little more than restitution of property to penance of one to five or even fifteen years.

What's another word for restitution?

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