Sentence Examples

  • Pet insurance companies expect the pet owner to pay the vet for services rendered at the time they occur and subsequently file insurance claims with the company for reimbursement of the portion of the fees that are covered under the policy.
  • The benefit for the dentist for becoming part of the network is an increased patient load because PPO dental patients select a dentist from within the network if they want to receive one hundred percent reimbursement for their dental work.
  • Your health insurance coverage may extend worldwide; but, it could be difficult to get quick service and reimbursement for emergency expenses if your insurance company doesn't support a large number of subscribers in the area.
  • Although the Federal Government creates the regulations that are used to govern the reimbursement of hospice organizations for care they give patients on Medicare, it is up to the state to certify individual hospice agencies.
  • Other places may require you to sign a contract, agreeing to work for the company for as long as you attend school (i.e. if you go to school for a year, you must remain there for a year after the tuition reimbursement).