Sentence Examples

  • It's easy to confuse the human personality with the soul, but the two are quite different as evidenced by the many lifetimes and different personalities a soul is believed to assume, according to common reincarnation theory.
  • In Hinduism (and many other beliefs of reincarnation), the act of suicide is a failure of the soul to resolve a karmic entanglement and learn the lessons that would achieve an evolved spiritual state of being.
  • At Near-Death: The writer of this article explains how Christians supposedly misunderstood the resurrection, and that the resurrection story actually represents the idea of the reincarnation of the spirit.
  • This Web site covers a list of what some people consider to be evidence that supports reincarnation as found in the New Testament, the Old Testament and even the Jewish Kabbalah.
  • While there are many subtle variations among the different religions that incorporate reincarnation, when it comes to the subject of reincarnation and suicide, they share a high-level commonality.