Sentence Examples

  • Finally, we have a brief respite but I hope to God they catch him soon.
  • There was no brief respite, no few days of safety; John Luke Grasso was here in our back yard!
  • Perhaps the weekend respite from the jury box had lessened Fred's apprehension.
  • (1334), who was friendly to Frederick, promised a respite; but after fruitless negotiations the war broke out once more, and Chiaramonte went over to Robert, owing to a private feud.
  • Energetically making use of this period of respite, he again issued the charter to the church, ordered his subjects to take a fresh oath of allegiance to him, and sent to the pope for aid; but neither these precautions, nor his expedient of taking the cross, deterred the barons from returning to the attack.

What's another word for respite?

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