Sentence Examples

  • Cap. 3) - " Nullus hiatus est, nulla fractio, nulla dispersio formarum, invicem connexa sunt velut annulus annulo "; but it is almost clear that he was thinking only of a chain.
  • The fusion of the two is found in the abrupt hiatus of iii.
  • The hiatus is striking, but it cannot be held to necessitate an editorial dovetailing of two separate epistles.
  • Here we can read the young Aristotle, writing in the form of the dialogue like Plato, avoiding hiatus like Isocrates, and justifying the praises accorded to his style by Cicero, Quintilian and Dionysius.
  • In style they are not quite the same: now they are brief and now diffuse: sometimes they are carelessly written, sometimes so carefully as to avoid hiatus, e.g.

What's another word for hiatus?

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