Sentence Examples

  • The resemblance between father and son was enough to make her stop two steps into the clearing.
  • It must not be held to imply that one nation imitates the course pursued by another, nor that the points of resemblance between them are transmitted by tradition from one to the other, but merely that all are subject to one law, inasmuch as this is based on the human nature common to all alike.
  • Reincke in Der alte Reichstag and der neue Bundesrat (Tubingen, 1906) points out a marked resemblance between the medieval archchancellor and the German imperial chancellor of the present day.
  • It presents a remarkable resemblance to the adjacent curve, which gives the diurnal variation at mid-winter at the Bureau Central.
  • The resemblance between these curves is much closer than that between the Bureau Central's own winter and summer curves.

What's another word for resemblance?

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