Sentence Examples

  • His special interest in Christian Greek was partly the cause of his editing in 1877 The Apologies of Justin Martyr, " which" (to use his own words) "I used unblushingly as a repository for my syntactical formulae."
  • Invested, as society grows more complex, with a sanctity increasingly superior to that of the layman, the priest-king becomes the representative of the community as repository of its luck, whilst, as controller of all sacred forces that bear thereon, he is, as Dr Frazer puts it, " dynamical centre of the universe" (The Golden Bough (2nd ed.), i.
  • C. Fish's History and Repository of Pulpit Eloquence (ii., 1857).
  • The poem had accompanied him from early manhood to the end and was the repository for the fullest "confession" of his life; it is the poetic epitome of his experience.
  • And the Monthly Repository (1806-1837), originally purely theological, but after coming into the hands of the Rev. W.

What's another word for repository?

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