Sentence Examples

  • He tossed the magazine aside and stood.
  • In medieval times the Propylaea served (Redrawn from the Athenische Mitteilungen by permission of the Kaiserliches Archaeologisches Institut.) as the palace of the dukes of Athens; they were much damaged by the explosion of a powder magazine in 1656.
  • Alex was sitting in his chair, reading a magazine and glanced up when she spoke.
  • "Ask any man where he'd rather have his face—the cover of Time Magazine or a baseball card?" he said.
  • His mind was awhirl with the pending confronta­tion, not to mention the magazine article with one more arrow pointing toward bicycling, the motor home, a trip west, the Rocky Mountains and Jeffrey Byrne, all rolled into one very plausible package.

What's another word for magazine?

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