Sentence Examples

  • "It's not fur—it's pulp and it's good for you," Dean answered.
  • "I.m sure we.ll be able to beat each other to a pulp again sometime," Jared continued.
  • "I'm not good enough to face you," she said, remembering how he'd beaten men bigger than him into a pulp to free her from Romas's clan.
  • Long, obovate-lanceolate in shape and yellowish-green; the dioecious flowers, which are small and nearly of the same colour but,yellower, appear in February and March; the white berry when ripe is filled with a viscous semitransparent pulp (whence bird-lime is derived).
  • The viscid pulp soon hardens, affording a protection to the seed; in germination the sucker-root penetrates the bark, and a connexion is established with the vascular tissue of the first plant.

What's another word for pulp?

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