Sentence Examples

  • When you push this thing out of the mud, she's going to be plumb through the gate before we can get to it.
  • The hills were a profusion of snowy dogwood and pink plumb and cherry blossoms.
  • It consisted of a graduated circle inside which another could slide, carrying two small tubes diametrically opposite, the instrument being kept vertical by a plumb-line.
  • It was mentioned by Libavius, who named it calx plumb dulcis.
  • This is called " quadrant elevation," and the proper inclination was given by means of the " gunner's quadrant," a quadrant and plumb bob, one leg being made long to rest in the bore, or by bringing lines scribed on the breech of the gun in line with a pointer on the carriage; these were called " quarter sights."

What's another word for plumb?

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