Sentence Examples

  • The snowy heron is a rare plume bird seen occasionally along the coast.
  • Mantle-skirt, allowing the g, Gill-plume (ctenidium).
  • The young lack the ornamental plume, and in them the head and neck are clothed with short black feathers, while the bill is yellow.
  • It is important, because such a concrescence is by no means universal, and does not occur, for example, in Mytilus or in Arca; further, because when its occurrence is once appreciated, the reduction of the gill-plates of Anodonta to the plume-type of the simplest ctenidium presents no difficulty; and, lastly, it has importance in reference to its physiological significance.
  • Having been conducted to the Afghan camp, he fixed, the royal plume of feathers on the young rebels turban Malmmud S with his own handS and 4000 Afghans were ordered to Usurpation.

What's another word for plume?

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