Sentence Examples

  • For the sake of children's health along with everyone else's, exposure to environmental sources of lead, including lead-based paints, plumbing fixtures, vehicle exhaust, and contaminated soil, should be reduced or eliminated.
  • Your local plumbing supply store and home improvement outlet both have customer service support that can help you in a pinch, so don't soldier through on your own if you can get a quick answer from someone with experience.
  • Commercial plumbing fittings and fixtures can also be packaged differently, with fewer individual instructions, less consumer-friendly containering, and in greater quantities for volume purchases and discounts.
  • Standard open ended or vice grip wrenches, strap wrenches to protect decorative finishes, and closet spud wrenches for tight spaces will all help to make the occasional plumbing job easier and more successful.
  • Faucet replacements and other plumbing tasks usually require a double wrench approach in which you use one wrench to hold a pipe securely and employ a second wrench to tighten or loosen the adjoining fitting.