Sentence Examples

  • The smile she plastered across her face was starting to falter.
  • For winter quarters they build more elaborate houses of conical or dome-like form, composed of sedges, grasses and similar materials plastered together with mud.
  • The immense house on the old stone foundations was of wood, plastered only inside.
  • Even the smaller houses, after the Neolithic period, seem also to have been of stone, plastered within.
  • In a fit of jealousy the emperor commanded that this masterpiece should be thrown down, and sent commissioners to Amber charged with the execution of this order; whereupon Mirza, in order to save the structure, had the columns plastered over with stucco, so that the messengers from Agra should have to acknowledge to the emperor that the magnificence, which had been so much talked of, was after all pure invention.

What's another word for plastered?

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