Sentence Examples

  • We had full medical insurance and a pension program.
  • They had collared a sus­pect in their search for the pension check thief.
  • Dean began to wonder if he was laying his pension on the line by not reporting the entire case in an official manner.
  • But when Dorset was replaced by the duke of Devonshire in 1755, Boyle was raised to the peerage as earl of Shannon and received a pension, and other members of the opposition also obtained pensions or places; and the archbishop, finding himself excluded from power, went into opposition to the government in alliance with John Ponsonby.
  • Popular enthusiasm induced the Conservative Minghetti cabinet to propose that a sum of 40,000 with an annual pension of 2000 be conferred upon him as a recompense for his services, but the proposal, though adopted by parliament (27th May 1875), was indignantly refused by Garibaldi.

What's another word for pension?

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