Sentence Examples

  • She yanked the wardrobe open and turned to peer over her shoulder.
  • "Wow. It's not quite what I remember," she said, leaning away from him to peer at the ground.
  • She maneuvered that way now, leaning against rocks to peer into dark depths.
  • Under the Restoration he became a peer of France, but protested against the reactionary spirit of the government, and remained in opposition.
  • Claude Antoine de Besiade, marquis d'Avaray, was deputy for the bailliage of Orleans in the states-general of 1789, and proposed a Declaration of the Duties of Man as a pendant to the Declaration of the Rights of Man; he subsequently became a lieutenant-general in 1814, a peer of France in 1815, and duc d'Avaray in 1818.

What's another word for peer?

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