Sentence Examples

  • Dundas, Pitt's favourite subordinate, had already committed himself by his earlier resolution of censure; and Pitt was induced by motives which are still obscure to incline the ministerial majority to the same side.
  • In 1855 he turned Roman Catholic and entered the Austrian service as court and ministerial councillor in the department of foreign affairs.
  • Early in the 19th century the venue of the dinner, which had now become a ministerial function, was transferred to Greenwich, and though at first not always held here, was later celebrated regularly at the "Ship," an hotel of ancient foundation, closed in 1908.
  • The presbytery chooses its moderator periodically from The among its ministerial members.
  • The general assembly annually at its first meeting chooses one of its ministerial members as moderator.

What's another word for ministerial?

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