Sentence Examples

  • He was off with a jog and a wave, leaving the Deans in front of Bird Song.
  • After receiving their thanks, he took off at a jog, anxious, he said, to catch a few more post-storm shots as the sun emerged.
  • She said nothing and turned to watch them jog back to the house.
  • But Dean's first priority was his wife Cynthia and he continued to jog, forced to concentrate on his footing if he were to remain upright in the gathering snow.
  • His shove almost drove her to her knees again.  She steadied herself and looked up in time to see him disappear into the jungle.  Fear made her heart pound.  The strange path he'd been following appeared ahead of her, revealing itself only a few steps at a time.  She started at a walk and quickened to a jog, making sure the path wouldn't close and trip her.  The path kept up with her, and she ran.

What's another word for jog?

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