Sentence Examples

  • Felipa kicked her horse into a lope and rode up beside him.
  • She gave him a sour look and kicked the horse into a lope, ranging out ahead of him.
  • She put the horse into a lope and headed for the shed.
  • She smiled and nudged Princess into a lope, leaving him to shut the gate and catch up.
  • In 1541 Francisco de Orellana discovered the whole course of the Amazon from its source in the Andes to the Atlantic. A second voyage on the Amazon was made in 1561 by the mad pirate Lope de Aguirre; but it was not until 1639 that a full account was written of the great river by Father Cristoval de Acufia, who ascended it from its mouth and reached the city of Quito.

What's another word for lope?

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