Sentence Examples

  • In 1667, the oration at the interment was forbidden by royal order.
  • The mode of interment, however, is the same as that practised in Rome, and the loculi and arcosolia differ by little in the two.
  • The old form of the name of the town was Kilcudbrit, from the Gaelic Cil Cudbert, " the chapel of Cuthbert," the saint's body having lain here for a short time during the seven years that lapsed between its exhumation at Lindisfarne and the re-interment at Chester-leStreet.
  • They contain clear indication of the interment of martyrs.
  • The Westminster Directory which superseded the Book of Common Order also enjoins interment "without any ceremony," such being stigmatized as "no way beneficial to the dead and many ways hurtful to the living."