Sentence Examples

  • In 1667, the oration at the interment was forbidden by royal order.
  • CATACOMB, a subterranean excavation for the interment of the dead or burial-vault.
  • The custom of subterranean interment gradually died out, and entirely ceased with the sack of Rome by Alaric, A.D.
  • 354, shows that interment in them was even then rare if it had not been altogether discontinued; and the poet Prudentius's description of the tomb of the Christian martyr Hippolytus, and the cemetery in which it stood, leads us to the same conclusion.
  • His work, Monumenti delle anti christiane primitive, is the first in which the strange misconception, received with unquestioning faith by earlier writers, that the catacombs were exhausted sand-pits adapted by the Christians to the purpose of interment, was dispelled, and the true history of their formation demonstrated.

What's another word for interment?

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