Sentence Examples

  • Among the principal examples are " Roman Triumphs " (not the same compositions as the Hampton Court pictures), " A Bacchanal Festival," " Hercules and Antaeus," " Marine Gods," " Judith with the Head of Holophernes," the " Deposition from the Cross," the " Entombment," the " Resurrection," the " Man of Sorrows," the " Virgin in a Grotto."
  • Schubert's fine relief of the entombment of Christ are worthy of notice.
  • Contains an "Entombment" by an artist of the school of Pordenone (wrongly attributed to Giorgione).
  • In baptism the rubric ordains that the baptized be plunged three times in the font in commemoration of the entombment during three days of the Lord.
  • Frequently a temporary return of marine conditions permitted the entombment of such salt water genera as Lingula, Orbiculoides, Productus in the thin beds known as " marine bands."

What's another word for entombment?

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