Sentence Examples

  • If Lisa was involved with both Spencer and Mertz, maybe she was an informant for Spenser.
  • An informant of Goldsmith saw him once "run naked through the park in a state of intoxication."
  • Corrupting heresy to " Jude the brother of James " will still be incompatible with the statements of Hegesippus, our only informant regarding his later history.
  • This account Papias had derived, he tells us, from an informant who had heard it repeatedly given by "the elder," a Christian of the first generation.
  • But from whomsoever the expression proceeds - whether from Papias, or his informant, or "the elder"- we may feel sure that considerations such as appeal to us from our training in historical criticism are not those which suggested it, but rather the want of agreement between this Gospel and some standard which on altogether different grounds was applied to it.

What's another word for informant?

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