Sentence Examples

  • Good and evil, right and wrong, become infinitesimal, ephemeral matters.
  • Let us conceive the zone in question to be divided into infinitesimal rings of equal area.
  • With this definition of temperature 0, if the heat H is measured in work units, the expression of Carnot's principle for an infinitesimal cycle of range do reduces to the simple form dW/d9=H/0.
  • In the notation of the integral calculus, this area is equal to f x o udx; but the notation is inconvenient, since it implies a division into infinitesimal elements, which is not essential to the idea of an area.
  • Discussions of the approximate calculation of definite integrals will be found in works on the infinitesimal calculus; see e.g.

What's another word for infinitesimal?

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