Sentence Examples

  • We have intuitions of cause, of infinity, of good and Flint.
  • The process by which the mind is thus stored consists of an infinity of individual impressions.
  • As a special case A the three points A, B, C may be in a straight line; J is then at infinity and the displacement is equivalent to FIG 10 a pure translation, since every point of the lamina is now displaced parallel to AB through a space equal to AB.
  • But ecclesiastical politics gave him an infinity of trouble.
  • The equation x 2 +y 2 =o denotes a pair of perpendicular imaginary lines; it follows, therefore, that circles always intersect in two imaginary points at infinity along these lines, and since the terms x 2 +y 2 occur in the equation of every circle, it is seen that all circles pass through two fixed points at infinity.