Sentence Examples

  • The form is infinitely finer in Matt.
  • Truth varies infinitely under circumstances whose relative weight cannot be accurately gauged.
  • A combination of the Babylonian with the Persian religion could only be effected by the degradation of the Babylonian deities into half-divine, half-daemonic beings, infinitely remote from the supreme God of light and of heaven, or even into powers of darkness.
  • It can be shown that, if the density of distribution of the stars through infinite space is nowhere less than a certain limit (which may be as small as we please), the total amount of light received from them (assuming that there is no absorption of light in space) would be infinitely great, so that the background of the sky would shine with a dazzling brilliancy.
  • With an approximate date—or at least a year—and a first name, the chore would be infinitely easier than scouring decades for a nameless individual.