Sentence Examples

  • The inference was insulting.
  • "Dusty's not here," he said, irritated by the inference that he was somehow someone to be less feared.
  • The necessary inference is that his stay at the university was short, and that only the groundwork of his education was laid there.
  • This inference is supported by the date of the building of the 200 triremes "for the war against Aegina" on the advice of Themistocles, which is given in the Constitutionof Athens as 483-482 B.C. (Herod.
  • But against this inference the following considerations may be advanced: (1) Man does distinguish himself from his body; (2) he is conscious of his personal identity through all the changes of his body; (3) in the exercise of his will he knows himself not controlled by but controlling his body; (4) his consciousness warrants his denying the absolute identification of himself and his body.

What's another word for inference?

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