Sentence Examples

  • They asked if he was injured and assured him they'd hoist him up to the road.
  • Nevertheless, despite Bonaparte's marvellous skill in rallying moderate men of all parties to his side, there remained an unconvinced and desperate minority, whose clumsy procedure enabled the great engineer to hoist them with their own petard and to raise himself to the imperial dignity.
  • But, on his return, he forgot to hoist the white sail, and his father, supposing that his son had lost his life, threw himself from a high rock on which he was keeping watch into the sea, which was afterwards called the Aegean.
  • Von Hoist, The Constitutional and Political History of the United States (Chicago, 1899).
  • On starting to hoist, the rope winds from the small towards the large end of the drum, the lever arm, or radius of the coils, increasing as the weight of Winding Engine.

What's another word for hoist?

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