Sentence Examples

  • Carmen's truck broke down and I'm going to tow it home for her.
  • A tow truck had already arrived and its flashing lights competed with a half dozen others while at least a dozen people moved about, with most of their activity directed downward.
  • Aeneas Tacticus in the following century mentions a mixture of sulphur, pitch, charcoal, incense and tow, which was packed in wooden vessels and thrown lighted upon the decks of the enemy's ships.
  • On arriving in the Peiho he was given to understand that he could only be admitted to the emperor's presence on condition of performing the ko-tou (kow-tow), a ceremony which Western nations consider degrading, and which is, indeed, a homage exacted by a Chinese sovereign from his tributaries.
  • The pioneers of the work were confronted with many difficulties; most people condemned the fibre and the cloth, many warps were discarded as unfit for weaving, and any attempt to mix the fibre with flax, tow or hemp was considered a form of deception.

What's another word for tow?

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