Sentence Examples

  • He died of gangrene of the leg in his seventieth year.
  • If the flow of arterial blood only is arrested, the part depending upon it for nutrition becomes numb, cold and shrivelled, and the form of mortification known as dry gangrene occurs.
  • Nevertheless, gangrene is nothing more or less than the putrefactive fermentation of an animal tissue still attached to the body.
  • If the dead part be protected from the ingress of putrefactive organisms, however, it separates from that which is living without the ordinary evidences of gangrene, and is then known as an " aseptic slough."
  • - Symmetrical gangrene of toes (3 months' duration), showing the sharp " line rof demarcation " between the mummified toes and the more healthy tissue.

What's another word for gangrene?

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