Sentence Examples

  • With this fortification, Victor will have no power over you.
  • The first line of fortification was the work of Francis I.; the second line and the donjon date back to the 11th century.
  • The main fortification of Copenhagen was the powerful Trekroner (Three Crown) battery at the northern end of the sea-front.
  • Themistocles was the first to urge the Athenians to take advantage of these harbours, instead of using the sandy bay of Phaleron; and the fortification of the Peiraeus was begun in 493 B.C. Later on it was connected with Athens by the Long Walls in 460 B.C. The town of Peiraeus was laid out by the architect Hippodamus of Miletus, probably in the time of Pericles.
  • The first fortification of the rock, at the confluence of the Save and the Danube, was made by the Celts in the 3rd century B.C. They gave it the name of Singidunum, by which Belgrade was known until the 7th century A.D.