Sentence Examples

  • A stockade fort was erected on the site of the city in 1808, but was burned in 1813.
  • The English occupied the place on the next day and General Forbes ordered the immediate erection of a stockade fort near the site of the old one.
  • No shelter had been provided for the inmates: the first arrivals made rude sheds from the debris of the stockade; the others made tents of blankets and other available pieces of cloth, or dug pits in the ground.
  • Square at the mouth of the St Croix for a fort; and at Little Falls (in the middle of October) he built a stockade, where he left seven men.
  • A stockade fort was built here in 1791 by General Arthur Saint Clair, but it was abandoned in 1796, two years after the place had been laid out as a town and named Fairfield.