Sentence Examples

  • PASTORAL STAFF, in the Christian Church, an ensign of office or dignity.
  • The "black gown," considered wrongly as the ensign of Low Church views, survives in comparatively few of even "evangelical" churches; it is still, however, the custom for preachers of university sermons to wear the gown of their degree.
  • William Henry Harrison received a classical education at HampdenSidney College, where he was a student in 1787-1790, and began a medical course in Philadelphia, but the death of his father caused him to discontinue his studies, and in November 1791 he entered the army as ensign in the Tenth Regiment at Fort Washington, Cincinnati.
  • And, although that monarch was ostensibly the friend of Florence, they did not hesitate, even in his presence, to assert their own independence, and, casting the Florentine ensign, the Marzocco, into the Arno, made instant preparations for war.
  • In 1774 he became an ensign in the guards, but his frivolity provoked the displeasure of Gustavus III.