Sentence Examples

  • PASTORAL STAFF, in the Christian Church, an ensign of office or dignity.
  • The pastoral staff is the ensign proper of cardinals (except cardinal-deacons) and bishops; but the former are entitled to use it only in the churches from which they derive their titles,.
  • On the other hand, it was from Spain and Gaul that Rome probably received the orarium (stole) as an ensign of the major orders.
  • He entered the navy in 1 755, and in 1757, while serving on his father's ship, was promoted to the rank of ensign for his bravery in action.
  • And, although that monarch was ostensibly the friend of Florence, they did not hesitate, even in his presence, to assert their own independence, and, casting the Florentine ensign, the Marzocco, into the Arno, made instant preparations for war.

What's another word for ensign?

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