Sentence Examples

  • In hand-to-hand fighting before the walls of Newcastle, Douglas is said to have won Sir Henry's pennon, which he swore to fix upon the walls of Dalkeith.
  • The Scots then retreated to Otterburn, where Percy, who was bent on recovering his pennon, attacked them on a fine August evening in 1388.
  • But the banner of the banneret always implied a more or less extensive command, while every knight was entitled to bear a pennon and every squire a pencel.
  • But the creation is almost the self-same with that in the old French ceremonies by the solemn delivery of a banner charged with the arms of him that is to be created, and the cutting of the end of the pennon or streamer to make it a square or into the shape of a banner in case that he which is to be created had in the field his arms on a streamer before the creation."
  • This event is celebrated every June in the ceremony of "Riding the Common" - in which a facsimile of the captured pennon is carried in procession to the accompaniment of a chorus "Teribus, ye Teri Odin," supposed to be an invocation to Thor and Odin - a survival of Northumbrian paganism.

What's another word for pennon?

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