Sentence Examples

  • Evidently. I'm wondering why you don't enlist help.
  • He even made a generous, though unsuccessful, endeavour to enlist the support of Cicero.
  • He sought the courts of Tuscany and Naples and tried to enlist Frank sympathies, inventing (probably) the curious myth, so often credited since, that the Druses are of crusading origin and owe their name to the counts of Dreux.1 1 Sophisticated Druses still sometimes claim connexion with Rosicrucians, and a special relation to Scottish freemasons.
  • As it was, he had to enlist the help of Princess in order to move it a short distance.
  • Constantine, recognizing the growing strength of the Church and wishing to enlist the loyal support of the Christians, treated them with increasing favour, and finally was baptized upon his death-bed (337).

What's another word for enlist?

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