Sentence Examples

  • Oberhasli, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, Angora... that's the one everybody confuses with a sheep...
  • Oxyotis) the dwarf Congo elephant is stated to be distinguished by the shape of its ear; comparison in at least one instance having been made with an immature animal.
  • The relatively small size of the ear is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the dwarf race.
  • If the differences in stature and form are constant, there can be no question as to the right of the dwarf Congo elephant to rank as a well-marked local race; the only point for consideration being whether it should not be called a species.
  • The great interest in connexion with a dwarf West African race of elephant is in relation to the fossil pigmy elephants of the limestone fissures and caves of Malta and Cyprus.

What's another word for dwarf?

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