Sentence Examples

  • The pugdog is a dwarf race, probably of mastiff origin, and kept solely as a pet.
  • Apart, but standards in orchards should be allowed at least 30 ft., and dwarf bush trees half that distance.
  • South of the Arctic circle they are, under ordinary circumstances, confined to the plateaus covered with dwarf birch and juniper above the conifer-region, though in Tromso amt and in Finmarken they occur in all suitable localities down to the level of the sea.
  • The largest of these traverses the district from Kushalgarh on the Indus to Thal on the Kurram, narrowing in places, but usually opening out into wide cornlands and pastures dotted with the dwarf palm.
  • Its flat-roofed Moorish houses are enclosed by gardens of cactus, dwarf palm, orange and other subtropical plants, interspersed with masses of rock.

What's another word for dwarf?

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