Sentence Examples

  • This last question is beginning to overshadow all the rest.
  • The fact that the kings were often absent from England, and that the justiciarship was held by great nobles or churchmen, made this office of an importance which at times threatened to overshadow that of the Crown.
  • Meanwhile in the same year that saw the expulsion of the Jews, King Edwards good fortune began to wane, with the rise of the Scottish question, which was to overshadow the latter half of his reign.
  • Until 1830 the fur-trade, controlled largely by John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company, continued to be the predominating interest in the Wisconsin region, but then the growing lead mining industry began to overshadow the fur-trade, and in the mining region towns and smelting furnaces were rapidly built.
  • When the leaves are developed early, they often quite overshadow thi actual apex of the stem, and the rapid formation of leaf-tissui disturbs the obviousness of, and perhaps actually destroys, th~ stratified arrangement of the shoot initials.

What's another word for overshadow?

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