Sentence Examples

  • After descending north-eastward to within a few miles of Lake Athabasca, it is met by a stream emerging from that lake.
  • The succession of beds in descending order is as follows: - (1) Shingle consisting of pebbles of limestone, slate and other local rocks, with fragments of stalagmite and containing a few bones and worked flints.
  • The concluding feast does not seem to refer to tabernacles per se, but to be distinct from it, as is shown by the break in the descending series of the sacrifices of bullocks as given in Numbers.
  • Rhododendrons occur in Borneo and Sumatra, descending to the level of the sea.
  • The true domestic quarter lay to the south of the great hail, and was approached from the central court by a descending staircase, of which three flights and traces of a fourth are preserved.

What's another word for descending?

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