Sentence Examples

  • However, many sonar contacts were recorded, and the researchers generally found the evidence to be positive that something large inhabited Loch Ness whether or not it was a descendent of a long-necked aquatic relative of a dinosaur.
  • From the time the ring is first placed on your finger, you should take precautions to insure that it can be used as an heirloom, no matter how many descendent may vie for its glitter in coming years.
  • The Stanford-Binet intelligence scale is a direct descendent of the Binet-Simon scale, the first intelligence scale created in 1905 by psychologist Alfred Binet (1857-1911) and Theophilus Simon.
  • Just to make things as confusing as possible, Midway decided that this Kung Lao is a descendent of "Great Kung Lao", bearing a striking resemblance to the legendary figure.
  • These concerns, thankfully, can be put to rest with 1942's genuine and worthy descendent: EA's incredible new single person shooter, Battlefield 2.