Sentence Examples

  • It was decided to depose him, and the choice of the Bohemians now fell on John of Luxemburg, son of Henry, king of the Romans.
  • From the ecclesiastics Basil likewise insisted on unquestioning obedience, and he did not hesitate to depose by his own authority a metropolitan who was at that time the highest dignitary of the Russian Church.
  • The royal dukes, John and Charles, had already taken measures to depose him; and in July the rebellion broke out in Osterg3tland.
  • The princes, or by the council, and these are also to have the power to punish, suspend or depose him.
  • Discontented officers in the army and navy rallied to this idea, and a conspiracy was organized to depose the emperor and declare a republic. On the 14th of November 1889 the palace was quietly surrounded, and on the following morning the emperor and his family were placed on board ship and sent off to Portugal.

What's another word for depose?

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