Sentence Examples

  • But now that Kutuzov had spoken to the gentleman ranker, he addressed him with the cordiality of an old friend.
  • "Walk him up and down, my dear fellow," he continued, with that gay brotherly cordiality which goodhearted young people show to everyone when they are happy.
  • The great charm of Maecenas in his relation to the men of genius who formed his circle was his simplicity, cordiality and sincerity.
  • The visit was marked by the greatest cordiality, Count Robilants fears of inopportune pressure with regard to Irredentism proving groundless.
  • It was evident from the speeches made on the occasion that there was not much cordiality between the various leaders, but the outward solidarity of the party was calculated to bring in renewed subscriptions both at home and from America.

What's another word for cordiality?

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