Sentence Examples

  • Worn by royalty and included in many coat-of-arms, the fleur de lis symbol is seen most frequently today in architecture.
  • Two or three other technical masterpieces of the engraver's art, the "Coat-of-Arms with the Skull," the "Nativity," with its exquisite background of ruined buildings, the "Little Horse" and the "Great Horse," both of 1505, complete the list of the master's chief productions in this kind before he started in the last-named year for a second visit to Italy.
  • A coat-of-arms was given to the inhabitants by Ladislaus for their courage during the storming of Milan; and the place is mentioned as a royal town under Ottokar II.
  • Of Castile; and the five Moorish heads in its coat-of-arms commemorate the defence.
  • Thus the mitre over an English bishop's coat-of-arms is a survival which indicates him as the successor of bishops who actually wore mitres, while armorial bearings themselves, and the whole craft of heraldry, are survivals bearing record of a state of warfare and social order whence our present state was by vast modification evolved.