Sentence Examples

  • Jayne Mansfield: Not to be confused with Marilyn Monroe, the 50's other buxom blonde who was all but a household name, Mansfield was even bigger and blonder than Monroe, but not quite A-list.
  • The company is also known for its sexy ads featuring buxom blondes, including supermodel Claudia Schiffer, actress Drew Barrymore, and the late model Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Her weight fluctuated over the years and rumor has it she got as low as a size eight, but her size 16, curvy, buxom period coincided with the time of her greatest fame.
  • The influence of old school tattoo flash on contemporary tattooists and aficionados dates back to times of war, debauchery, buxom temptresses and red-blooded men.
  • This buxom lady carries herself with pride and grace, whether she's rapping about U-N-I-T-Y or launching the Curvation lingerie line for full-figured women.