Sentence Examples

  • The regiment passed through the village and stacked its arms in front of the last huts.
  • Cynthia stacked the supper dishes.
  • There's a difference between free will and having the deck stacked against you.  Humans need someone to protect them from these reckless Immortals, not to mention the demons.
  • The expense reports and the personnel file from World Wide were neatly stacked on the table, but not in the same posi­tion Dean had left them the night before and his tape recorder hadn't been re-wound.
  • As a general rule the removal of the " bolls " or capsules by the process of rippling immediately follows the pulling, the operation being performed in the field; but under some systems of cultivation, as, for example, the Courtrai method, alluded to below, the crop is made up into sheaves, dried and stacked, and is only boiled and retted in the early part of the next ensuing season.

What's another word for stacked?

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