Sentence Examples

  • In the case of the Petite Porte the walls in some places are not more than twelve feet apart.
  • Distinct from this officer and independent of him, was the first equerry ("Premier Ecuyer"), who had charge of the horses which the sovereign used personally ("la petite ecurie"), and who attended on him when he rode out.
  • The principal rivers, besides the Cher and its tributaries, are the Grande Sauldre and the Petite Sauldre on the north, but the Loire and Allier, though not falling within the department, drain the eastern districts, and are available for navigation.
  • His death occurred prematurely on the 27th of August 1898, when he was killed, together with one son and two daughters, by an accident the nature of which was never precisely ascertained, while climbing the Petite Dent de Veisivi, above Evolena.
  • The best elementary work on the history of Algeria is that of Cat, Petite histoire de l'Algerie (Algiers, 1889).

What's another word for petite?

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