Sentence Examples

  • Corresponding to heaven, the abode of the righteous, we have Ge-henna (originally Ge-Hinnom, the scene of the Moloch rites of human sacrifice), the place of punishment after death for apostate Jews.
  • 6-41), among whom was an apostate Jew, but none with any pretension even to a semi-legitimate authority.
  • After the precious relics together with the bones of Adam had been saved in the ark, they were transported by Shem and Melchizedek to Golgotha under the guidance of an angel.$ The tripartite narrative which is known as the Romance of Julian (the Apostate) has no claim to be regarded as an historical document.
  • The Divine oracles had ever pointed to the Christian Covenant, and had been so understood by the men of God in Israel, whereas the apostate people had turned aside to keep the ceremonial letter of the Law at the instigation of an evil angel (ix.
  • In 1110 an apostate monk in Zeeland, Tanchelm, carried their views still farther, and asserted that the sacraments were only valid through the merits and sanctity of the ministers.

What's another word for apostate?

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