Sentence Examples

  • The adornment and painting of this temple had once been very rich and varied.
  • The walls of the interior were stripped of their marble panelling by Sigismondo Malatesta in 1449, for the adornment of his church at Rimini.
  • In Parliament Square and elsewhere are numerous statues, some of high merit, but it cannot be said that statuary occupies an important place in the adornment of streets and open places in London.
  • Wampum was also used for personal adornment, and belts were made by embroidering wampum upon strips of deerskin.
  • The feathers which form this remarkable adornment are, like those of the "ear-tufts," stiff and incurved at the end, but much longer - measuring more than 2 in.

What's another word for adornment?

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